“The Best Clip I’ve Ever Filmed Behind The Rock”

by stab May 24, 2020 1 min read

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that Lachie “Peanut” McKinnon (known digitally as @misterclips) has been in the surf industry since he was in nappies.

The son of an ASP exec, Lachie grew up running around Tour events and doing odd-jobs for the production team—not the least of which was Australian surf cinematography archduke Jack McCoy—since the age of six. 

Lachie’s as true a fan of surfing as they come, and in his 30-odd years on his planet, he would have spent at least four of them kicking against that horrendous Snapper current, never missing a goddamn clip despite the chaos. So when Lachie says that, “This is probably the best wave I’ve ever filmed behind the rock,” you listen. 

Actually, no. You watch. 

Check out this recent Mad Hueys edit, and see if you can’t spot Peanut’s career clip. 

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