The Best Wave Ever Ridden By A 14-Year-Old?

by stab February 05, 2020 1 min read

There’s a general consenus that social media has allowed, or rather influenced, modern kids to act older than their age. 

For females, it means wearing far-too-revealing clothing before their bat mitzvahs, participating in the Kylie Jenner challenge, or starting an international crusade against the climate crisis and corrupted politicians who fail to recognize its existence. 

For males, it means gaining an unrealistic and culturally harmful understanding of sex at a far-too-early age, participating in the Tide Pod challenge, and becoming more inclined to charge terrifying surf on account of the fact that all their peers are doing it, so why shouldn’t they. 

The latter of these trends informed João Mendonça’s decision to turn around and paddle for what is, to my memory, the best wave ridden by a 14-year-old (it’s the first wave in João’s new clip, above). I’m sure some of you in webland will take issue with that claim, so feel free to drop some URLs to better visions in the comments.

Also, who else wants to go to Portugal after watching this? Sheesh.  

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