The Pick-Up: Harry Bryant Returns, Slater, Mason, John, and Jordy Talk World Title And More

by stab December 10, 2019 2 min read

Welcome to the Monday Edition of The Pick-Up, Vans and Stab‘s twice-weekly variety show filmed on location during the Triple Crown of Surfing. 

The Pipe Trials starts today, and we’ve got none other than Trials Wildcard Harry Bryant, who got the news that he was in Pipe just a few hours before the show’s taping. See, Ivan Florence broke his arm at the Vans Skate Jame at the Banzai Park, and gifted the coveted slot to his old Vans teammate Haz. 

Haz reflects on his very, very busy Hawaiian stay, laments his beloved KB’s departure from The Rock, and talks shop about his swallow-tailed Pipe back-up board that he and Al Knost cobbled together in one of the North Shore’s iconic garage shaping bays. 

With so much confusion around the Title Race scenarios, the man one commenter described as the love child of Mason Ho and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Mike Ciaramella has a topless breakdown from his bunker.

Then, in a special World Title segment, Kelly Slater, John John, Jordy Smith, and Mason Ho break down the five-way horse race that begins today. 

Also on this episode, a handful of new faces on the ‘CT (provisionally), and the North Shore’s Electric Bike Apocalypse. If you’re curious as to why suddenly you can’t shake a 7’0 without hitting a pro surfer on cute little electric two-wheelers, in a genius North Shore marketing power move, California-based Super 73 has flooded the team houses with high profile, low-impact transportation. Combine a top end of 25mph, and most surfer’s general lack of footwear, and the official North Shore 2019 souvenir will be hideously scared feet.

Thanks for watching this Monday Edition, we’ll see you on Thursday. 

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