THE RING AROUND: Ryan, Hazz and Taj

by stab April 25, 2020 1 min read

Reading is important! Everyone should read!

But… reading is hard and it’s so 90s. Maybe reading will become cool again one day, but until then, I’ve got you covered.  

Below are three little chunks of easily digestible mp3. They’re just like audio books except they only go for a couple of minutes each and won’t bother you with annoying literary techniques like plot, story arcs or even having much of a point in general.

All you need to do is sit back, relax and let three pro surfy guys throw some sounds past those gross, wax ridden ear holes of yours.


Bruce16 400

Bruce Irons and his closing wave from Taylor Steele’s 2005 classic, ‘Campaign’. 

“There were heaps of rumours going around about how much everyone was making and they were basically all true. Everyone at the top was making shitloads”

Taj Burrow on what it was like to be signing surf contracts during the surf industry boom times of the noughties. 

Rcal16 400

One of R-Cals backhand revs from his latest web clip titled ‘2019’. 

“I feel like if you put out something that’s psycho than the judges expect more of you.”

Ryan Callinan on why he doesn’t like to release clips in the lead up to World Tour events.

Hazz8 400

Choke or cuddle? You be the judge.

“Mid-choke he had me off the ground, it was like riding one of those bucking bulls”

Harry Bryant on his now famous security guard wrestle in Waco after the first Stab High event.

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