There’s No Bore In Alaskan Glacier Surfing

by stab January 09, 2020 1 min read

Glacier waves are elusive. 

Waves in a river, not so much. You can pretty much time them down to the minute, which is why Dylan Graves made a pitstop at Beluga Point, Alaska, just in time for the year’s biggest tidal bore, in season 2 episode one of Weird Waves.  

Following that mission, he hopped on a boat for several days to chase the evasive “glacier calving” that sends waves of varying magnitudes and directions down an ice-riddled, sand-bottomed cove. 

Success is a relative term, but despite not scoring a six-foot tube on this exhausting surf mission, Dylan likely went home with a warm feeling in his heart. 

And is that what we’re all really after?

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