This Freak Talent Might Be Our Saviour

by DANNY JOHNSON June 10, 2020 4 min read

Welcome to a Dekota Walters video. 

Just kidding Dakoda, I couldn’t spell your name wrong like that. Can you imagine the disrespect? 

Above is a new clip from Dakoda with one of the new preamble rambles we’ve started attaching to the front of some clips. If you’d like to skip that and get straight to the surfing, scrub it forward to 1:25 and you’ll be nodding away to the sounds of Mud Honey. 

The clip is made up of fun-sized Australian Autumn time waves that were shot and edited by Dakoda’s dad Jeremy, which probably also describes the 1989 soundtrack. 

Below is a text message interview I did with Dakoda today where you’ll discover his musical tastes doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Or, maybe Dakoda chose the song in the clip, I’m not sure. I didn’t ask him that because I had better things to ask him about, like microwaves.

Stab: What age would you pick if you had to stay that age forever?
Dakoda: Probably right now, 18 has been pretty sick so far. Just after school but before finding a job. 

Finding a job? I thought your career would be set making the big dollar as a surfer?
Well… I mean more so getting out of lockdown and home and getting into the whole surfing thing. I have been in school up until this year so this was going to be my first year to fully have a go just surfing.

What news headline would you most like to read?
Something about getting to travel again would be a treat! But, with everything that’s happening around the whole world right now, George Floyd getting killed and the Black Lives Matter movement, something that creates a full solution and fixes it all would be bullshit.

What’s your most-used emoji?
 I don’t use emojis heaps, I mostly just send them to my girlfriend ahahah!

You smooth criminal. What would be the most difficult thing about having you as a roommate?
I’m pretty frothing a lot of the time so probably having to put up with my over froth.

If you could relive your favourite surf memory over and over what would it be?
Probably Dad taking me surfing as a grom and pushing me in and both of us being so stoked for hours and hours in ankle-high waves. 

Which celebrity do you think is the biggest babe?
My girlfriend ahah!

Is she famous? Or, are you scared she’ll read this and even your sweet love heart emojis won’t be able to get you out of trouble?
Hahaha she isn’t famous, but I wouldn’t have anyone else to choose anyway.

What about Brad Pitt? Can we not agree he is an ageless babe? (If you say a guy you won’t get in trouble).
Yeah, we can agree on brad Pitt! Good looking bloke for sure

Which was a bigger factor in you winning the Junior Series last year, your surfing ability or competitive ability?
I haven’t competed heaps, especially compared to most of the other kids. So probably surfing ability but I didn’t make a heat at the start of the year though so learning to surf a heat helped a lot.

Do you believe in hate at first sight?
Nah, I feel like you have to give everyone a chance, but first impressions mean a lot.

Which Ice T do you prefer? The drink or the rapper?
Definitely the drink, the peach one is pretty good.

Do you piss in the pool?
Yeah for sure, I’m too used to being in the ocean.

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
Yeah one hundred percent, gotta start the day with a good brekkie before a surf! Avocado with salt and pepper on toast is my go-to. But if I get lazy it’s canned spaghetti on toast.

But spaghetti seems like more work than simply spreading avocado?
Nah because you have to have the perfect avo for the avo on toast. With canned spaghetti, you just chuck in the microwave and pour it on.

Do you ever put metal in the microwave just to watch the sparks?
Nah I’ve never actually done that, sounds kinda sick though!

Yeah, I recommend trying that, but don’t do it if my mum is home. 
Hahah for sure, I would probably only do it without the parents home.

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your racing ability?
What kind of racing?

Whoops, that was meant to say dancing. Let’s stick with racing though.
If it includes a car I’m pretty good from the passenger seat as I don’t have my licence. 

Running racing?
I’m pretty shit at short distance but anything with a bit of distance watch out.

You have to give it a score out of ten.
Probably a 6

Who is your most prized Instagram follower?
Probably Taj burrow, He’s such a lord.

Who is your second most prized Instagram follower?   
Laurie Towner.

What’s a song you’re into at the moment?
Better off’ by Smacked Youth. 

If you could change places for anyone for a day who would it be?
Kelly Slater. It would be that good to be the GOAT for a day. 

What would you get up to? Sit around arguing with people on Instagram?
Hahah nah, I’d go surf all day.

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