Viral Content at Snapper Rocks

While the world descends into chaos, some of the world’s best surfers are still getting barrelled. Snapper Rocks has been firing over the past few days, playing host to a mixture of WCT all-stars, stranded WQS journeymen and local tube hounds. The competition for the best waves has been fierce behind the rock at Snapper. With major surfing competitions called off indefinitely, the only contest was scoring the best pit for the rows of filmers and photographers lined up on the beach. 

A favourable slug of sand combined with a solid, ESE swell meant that Snapper was at its growling best. Mikey Wright and Leo Fioravanti were the stand-outs amongst the WCT brigade while local goofy footers Nick Vasicek and Jackson Coffey had no problem negotiating the elevator drops and backwash ribs to claim some of the best waves of the high-intensity sessions.

Meanwhile, Mick Fanning used the swell as an opportunity to affirm he is almost fully recovered from his knee injury.

Ironically the whole Snapper show goes down in the shadow of a giant banner, which stretches across the roof of the Rainbow Bay surf club. It reads “Corona – From where you’d rather be.”  

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