Wade Goodall’s Magnum Opus ‘Pentacoastal’ Drops Very, Very Soon

by stab May 06, 2020 1 min read

Back in December, around 250 fortunate individuals were granted access to the global premiere of Wade Goodall’s magnum opus, Pentacoastal. 

At the Aloha Beer Co. brewery in downtown Honolulu, fans sipped anxiously on in-house tinctures as they awaited the start of a film that, by most accounts, had been referred to as a casualty of the imperfect and oftentimes cruel practice of surf forecasting. 

Rumor had it, Wade and crew got skunked on every. single. trip.

Then the film opened with an animation—hand-drawn by Wade himself—which was encapsulating not just for the quality of the art, but the time it must have taken to create and compile such a vivid masterpiece. The surfing that followed was both radical and sublime, the waves themselves mostly pumping. 

And at once, everything became clear. Wade, filmmaker Shane Fletcher and Vans had used textbook reverse-psychology when talking about Pentacoastal. Dropping red herrings like “the waves have been average”, “Wade’s knee isn’t 100%”, “we can’t seem to find this hard drive”, etc. 

Like a game of telephone, these fibs were then passed down the line until they’d grown into such big, hideous mistruths that recipients knew they had to see the film out of pure sadism. 

But of course, Pentacoastal was spectacular. Perhaps the best film we’ve seen all year. And you’ll be able to watch it for free, on a live global premiere, May 14th at 7 pm PST.

Stab will be giving away free pizza for the occasion. Details coming soon. 

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