Watch: A Leaked Bonus Section From Rage 3

by stab April 20, 2020 1 min read

We were very, very, very angry that the men and women of RAGE charged us to watch their full length film, Rage 3So angry that one of our writers wrote a review about the film—which was fantastic—but made sure to point out that they shouldn’t be charging for an entertainment product that took thousands of dollars and months to make.

Anyway, after watching it multiple times we conceded it was well worth the asking price. Nevertheless, the kind folks of Rage compiled and released some footage that was left on the cutting room floor. Featuring Creed McTaggart, Ellis Erickson, Beau Foster, Shaun Manners, and even a cameo surfing performance from filmmaker/director/Skegss’ bassist, Toby Cregan.

On its own it’s a fine piece of cinematic surf viewing, but what it should really do is convince you to watch the whole thing. Which our creative director, Shinya Dalby, told me was the best film he’s seen this year!


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