Watch: A Very Brave Boy Who Is Also A Size Queen!

by stab April 20, 2020 1 min read

Oh how we bore of the tanned superathlete tearing his 5’11 thruster from points A to B, flying high and spinning fast, surfing at levels to which we could never truly aspire. 

That’s why it’s nice, every once in a while, to indulge in something a little less hifi—finless, midlength, foam boards—whatever your kink.

In the case of Australia’s Lachie Rombouts (a very brave boy who is also a size queen) it’s elephant guns in any-size surf. 

And let us be clear: riding any of the aforementioned crafts with style and grace takes similar, if not more, natural ability than tearing on a 5’11 thruster—it’s just the end result appears far more achievable for the average bloke. 

In Lachie’s case, riding a massive board in small, medium, and very large waves is an impressive feat, but more than that, it’s just damn enjoyable to watch.

How’s the no-hand roll-in tube toward the end? Y’keeeeeding?

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