Watch: Asher Pacey In “Crystal Vortex, Liquid Cortex”

by stab June 09, 2020 1 min read

Asher Pacey is in his 40’s now. First appearing on ‘the scene’ in the 00’s as a 6’0″ short-board wielding HP guy, Pace gradually transitioned into twin-fin revivalist we know today. He’s arguably in the peak of his career right now, at an age when most surfers are struggling to maintain sponsors.

We’ve seen plenty of Asher over the years, but when a new clip drops there’s no way we aren’t posting.

This one courtesy of the peculiar editing of pro-settlement wetsuit company, Zion, also has a few cameos of ‘The Kneelo’ and CT-legend come chippie, Kai Otton. 

It starts off down the south coast in “real quick shit waves”, then has a Oz-Pipe interlude (Pace’s first time ever surfing the lauded/blown-out south coast spt), followed by a few waves further north. 

Anyway, you’re probably better off just watching it. 

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