Watch: Dakoda Walters in ‘Noisy Ocean’

Dakoda Walters surfs every wave at full throttle. Each session is a furious blur of tail blasts, cloud-tickler airs, tricks, and power turns. At this rate, he is fast earning a name as one of Australia’s most prolific performers in and out of a singlet. Read a little more about his progress below and then watch him unleash the fury as Mudhoney plays the tunes.               
‘Noisy Ocean’ has been filmed around Dakoda’s Northern New South Wales home of Angourie during the Covid -19 lockdown. After winning the Australian Pro Junior Circuit last year and winning three of the events and also finishing High School Dakoda was really looking forward to 2020. He started the year with his first WQS event win in Maroubra and during the same week he also won the Redbull Airbourne Qualifier.  He was heading to Snapper for the first WCT event of the year as a trialist and also had a start in the main event of the Redbull Airbourne, which was scheduled to run during the Snapper waiting period. Then the stay home restrictions were put in place and the world was turned upside down and everything was pretty much canceled. So this edit is what he has filmed over that time and what won’t be making the cut for his Snapt4 movie part.

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