Watch: Eithan Osborne Smashes His Board, Mason Ho Narrates!

by stab May 23, 2020 1 min read

All “action” sports have those few guys that are known for slamming harder than the rest. Skating has Danny Way and Dustin Dolin, motorsports Travis Pastrana, and surfing has Mikey Wright, Kael Walsh, and Eithan Osborne.

The young Venturan is cementing his role as one of surfing’s hardest-falling figures. We all know the Stab High Monster Air winner likes to flex his bunnies, so it figures that Eithan’s hitting big sections regularly. The point of difference lies in the fact that while many pros make the (frankly, frugal) business decision to jump ship at the sight of a knee- or ankle-buckling landing, Eithan tries to stomp everything with no care for the wellbeing of his lower extremities. A true renaissance man.

To accompany this montage of Eithan falls, Stab’s Sam Moody tapped the one and only Mason Ho to narrate. We learned Mason’s mind is a mystical place when he walked us through his thought process while in the barrel (see below). Being one of surfing’s inimitable figures and a man who knows all too well what it’s like to eye a precarious landing, it felt only right to continue Mason’s narration series with this cringe-filled montage. Mason’s comedic musings juxtapose beautifully against Eithan’s thrash.

Click in above and to watch gravity at work.

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