Watch: Mason Ho’s North Shore Single-Fin Spot Hop

by Tracks April 27, 2020 1 min read

So it seems the North Shore has decided it’s just gonna keep pumping into summer, and we’re more than ok with that. In fact, there’s been so much surf on tap, surfers are having to find creative ways to make the most of it before it (maybe) eventually fades.

Take Mason Ho here, who woke up early to find a rapidly rising swell on the North Shore. His Idea, to race the rising swell and score three epic sessions at three different spots just as the swell was right for each. Not only that, but he’d also do it all riding a Timmy Patterson shaped single-fin.

First Rocky Point, then V-Land where Mason puts on an absolute clinic of timing and positioning, then finally Pipeline as the swell reached its zenith. Note: Mason put on a valiant display wrangling the single-fin at Pipe but eventually had to relent and grab his 7’6” Biolos as the surf began to go next level, but we’ll still credit him for the one board thing.

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