Watch: Noa Deane Stars In The Electric Acid Surfboard Test

by stab April 01, 2020 1 min read

Each year, Stab taps one of surfing’s current progressive vanguard as the test subject for The Electric Acid Surfboard Test, our annual strike mission to the fringe of Alternative Surfboard Design. 

This year’s Test subject is Noa Deane, the relentlessly progressive son of the late, great Wayne Deane—one of few surfers whose style and approach in the water and designs in the shaping by evolved effortlessly over three entire eras of surfboard ideation, from the transition era out of longboards in the late-60s, the dark experimental days of the 1970s, through all the marvels of modern fins, foam, rocker, and radical progression. 

So, who is Noa Deane? 

A prodigious Gold Coast grom. A late-aughties freesurfing teen heartthrob and surf mag cover-boy. A famously foul-mouthed member of Globe and Joe G’s band of Award-winning Merry Pranksters.

“Surfs like Dane, looks like Cobain,” goes the old tagline on Noa.

Noa’s famously a one-board-for-all-conditions surfer, rarely paddling out on anything but 6’1 Luke Shorts or his 6’4”-plus Tokoro step-ups. 

Noa’s ignorance of alternative design made him the perfect subject for this year’s dose of Electric Acid. This is The Electric Acid Surfboard Test 2020. 

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