Watch: That Independent Surf Film Called ‘FAIRY’

by stab March 22, 2020 2 min read

FAIRY was fortunate to see its premiere in Mona Vale couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow, all non-essential services such as pubs, cinemas, and retailers will be starting to close across much of Australia. So while surf prems are few and far between, it might be the last one we’ll see for some time. 

Considering many of us will be locked down for the foreseeable future (and unable to surf at usually busy beaches), Jamie Krups decided to release FAIRY to the world; an independently produced surf film featuring the likes of Kael Walsh, Ben Howard, Harry Bryant, Mr. Krups, and more. 

“Fairy has been in the works for 12 months now.” Jamie told me over the phone. “It’s a project we’ve been working on entirely for the love. Mostly it’s just myself and a bunch of Australian surfers you mightn’t have heard of, but we’ve got an American cameo in there for good measure.

“If you wanted to watch a pure surf porn clip with the best, hi-fi surfing then you would go on Vimeo or watch one of Kai’s movies. It’s going to be gnarlier than what we’ve got in terms of surfing—although Kalani and Samson do some pretty mind blowing shit in it.” Jamie said. “Initially, this is the angle we were heading towards, but I soon realised so much good footage would be left on the [cutting room] floor. Instead, we opted for a feature-length film which is trying to give you something more than just surf porn. The shit that you never see in films but once you’ve been on a few trips you realise is always happening. I wanted to bring some transparency to the process of making a film and going on trips.”


FAIRY runs at a full-length 40 minutes and is now on the internet for your viewing pleasure. We recommend dialling it up on your TV’s chromecast, cracking a beer (or wine), and enjoying just under an hour of surf-related viewing pleasure. 

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