Watch: This Was Most CT Surfers’ Favorite Tour Event Of All Time

by stab May 27, 2020 1 min read

Those of us born prior to the new Millenium remember the Rip Curl Search series, which were surfing events held for the top-44 on the Foster’s ASP World Championship Tour. 

That sentence really takes you back, doesn’t it?

Of all the Rip Curl Search events, one stood out as not just the best of its genre, but perhaps the best Championship Tour event of all time. At least that’s what the majority of WCT surfers said after the 2006 comp, held “somewhere in Mexico”.

As part of their covid-approved programming, the WSL has just released a 20-minute cut-down of the Mexico event, which includes surfing heroes and legends such as: Gisele Bunchen’s boo Kelly Slater, eventual winner Andy Irons, fellow-finalist Taylor Knox, the inimitable backhand of Bobby Martinez, Taj Burrow’s never-ending tube, Danny fucking Wills, etc. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this nostalgic slap on the ass, though it did make us wonder what this wave (and the rest of the Mexican points, for that matter) might look like over the coming weeks and months, as the Pacific continues to pulse and tourism remained restricted. 

Probably, heaven. 

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