We Were About Due For Some Outer Banks Chambers

by stab February 18, 2020 1 min read

Along the outer belt-loop of the continental US exists a series of sandy shoals upon which humans inexplicably reside. 

These narrow sand strips, which belong to the Tarheel State, are known aptly as the Outer Banks, and they just so happen to hold east coast’s best and most consistent surf. 

Because they jut so far into the Atlantic, and because their contrastingly-positioned isles attract energy from all angles, the Outer Banks almost always have a decent wave to ride, especially in the colder months.

Just recently, the Banks experienced a local-wind-borne swell from the south, which, once corrected by an offshore gale, turned from clam chowder to split peak soup in a matter of minutes. 

Brett Barley, Jesse Hines, Quentin Turko and fellow locals dipped their sppons deep into the broth and consumed until satisfied.

It’s not a bad existence, really. 

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