What Place Do You Miss The Most?

by stab June 12, 2020 1 min read

Editor’s note: Our sincere apologies to Pat G for dropping this clip directly after the Dane video—that’s just bad luck. If it helps, consider this a balancing of the scales for that time you smoked Dane in the 2003 NSSA Nationals Open Mens final…   

They say you don’t know what ya got till it’s gone—a fact Southern Californians have experienced firsthand for the past 3+ months. With international travel highly discouraged, those who call the Golden State (and particularly its southern half) home have been deprived of making their annual jaunts down to Mexico. With south swell season upon us, our minds have been forced to wander across the border while our bodies remain.

Pat Gudauskas must be feeling the itch, for he just dropped a (pre-Covid) edit featuring four minutes of the razor-edged Mexican points we’re all longing for. It serves an un-needed but nonetheless appreciated reminder of what, exactly, we’ve been missing. 

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