Why “Pentacoastal” Is An Extraordinary Classic Surf Film And Might Very Well Reinvigorate The Form

by stab May 16, 2020 2 min read

Last night’s worldwide digital premiere of “Pentacoastal” will for many remain a high-water mark during this difficult time of social distancing, and the near-atomization of community events. 

Here’s a few reasons why Pentacoastal was a revelation. 





3 Wade BS Ditch

At full-health, Wade has to be one of the top-10 most creative progressive stylists.


Shane Fletcher

Wade Goodall Is One Of Surfing’s Quiet Geniuses On A Surfboard

Through each sparring match session Wade organized for Pentacoastal, the Australian’s creative lines and radical versatility in all conditions shone through.

After years and years of injuries keeping Wade from shining as brightly as he once did, there was something heroically validating about the deserved attention Wade has and will continue to feel after Pentacoastal‘s release. 

If We Can’t Party With You, That Don’t Mean We Can’t All Rage Together

If you were one of the 500+ lucky Stab readers to have their ticket drawn for a pizza delivery, the sense of global communion was palpable, with thousands and thousands of folks tuning in for the film’s drop. This is perhaps the most we’ve felt the hearts, minds, and eyeballs of our international readership all tuned to the same chords. 

We heard from the dozens of fine local pizza establishments around the globe that not only were recipients absolutely psyched on the knock on their door, but most restaurants were at full delivery capacity keeping up with orders from people who hadn’t been so lucky in the draw, hungry with fomo and wanting their own pies. 

Which leads us to this:

Last Night Wasn’t Cheap, But It Was Money Well Spent

With Your help we put almost $15,000 back in the pockets of local businesses in some of our favorite surf towns around the world. 

000009 copy

Keep it secret, keep it safe: strike missions to far-flung corners make for feasts for the imagination. On location in Victoria.


Shane Fletcher.

The Myth That Keeping Clips From Leaking Out Is Impossible

Wade and Shane spent the better part of two years stacking clips for this project, and not a single clip leaked during the entire production. 

How? By staying off the beaten path, and being good and rigorous protectors of poachers during sessions, etc. What a true pleasure to witness such fresh vintage, especially the Indo section with Dane, the revelatory South Oz sessions with Harry Bryant, and Wade’s mind-melting Micronesia session. 

2 Wade Stand Tall copy

Wade in the film’s defining moments: Micronesia.


Shane Fletcher.


Nathan Fletcher and Wade in Oz.


Shane Fletcher.

SHANE Filming

Shane Fletcher on location.


Wade Goodall

Shane And Wade Can Claim The First Great Team Surf Film In Years

We’re just going to say what we’ve heard from a handful of our most critical consultants: Wade Goodall and Shane Fletcher just made the first great classic full-length surf film since Psychic Migrations, and featuring truly stand-out performances from most all of Vans’ remarkably sprawling team, and in some of the most imagination-capturing Australasian locales… 

With the tour canceled indefinitely adding to the impact of Wade’s film, there’s a chance the moment will be looked back upon as the first in the next wave of great full-length surf films. We certainly hope so. 

Shane Wade OAHU VANS DEC2019 35MM 52

The fuckin’ boyyyyssss.



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