WSL Postpones Two QS Events Due To Coronavirus

by stab March 05, 2020 1 min read

Tired of hearing about the Coronavirus? 

Yep, us too. And it feels as though every potential joke involving its name has been considered, explored and beaten to a translucent paste. So let’s jump straight into it. 

In an email to surfers, the WSL recently announced that they have tentatively canceled two Qualifying Series events due to fears over the virus. The Central Japan open, which was scheduled for May 25 – 31, and the Krui Pro, scheduled for April 13–19, are no more. 

With the new Challenger Series system in place, neither of those events were likely to play a big role in this year’s qualification race. However, it should be noted that the Krui Pro was a 5000 point event and was steadily gaining popularity. It’s at a good wave, surrounded by other good waves. Kind of a win-win. 

That same email states WSL won’t penalize CT surfers for missing events due to fears over the Coronavirus. Usually, a no-show show earns you a $5k fine. But, due to the virus, surfers who choose not to travel will simply have to accept minimum points and prize money. 

It is worth noting that Stab’s Minister of Public Health and Safety, Big Dick Power Surfer, has advised all parties to surf in and around river mouths after rain as often as possible because you can’t die from the Coronavirus if you die from an appalling bacterial infection.

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