You Could (Safely) Fall Off The Grid With Martin Daly Right Now

by stab March 24, 2020 2 min read

Today marks one week in relative lockdown in San Clemente with my family. We’re holding up alright considering. There was some surf this week, which helped. And we’ve managed to keep busy. But it’s all pretty fucking weird. 

There are now 66 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Orange County. Not great, but a hell of a lot better than Italy, which announced nearly 800 new deaths this morning. And my guess is New York City is next.

I keep catching myself wondering, if I could get on a plane and fall off a map and just ride out the end of days, where would I go? I have a couple of thoughts, which I’m not going to share with you, but one surefire way to get the fuck out of Dodge would be to find Martin Daly and beg to be a deckhand.

Well, if you’re crazy enough to get on an airplane right now—and they’ll actually let you through the door at the airport—the opportunity to live an apocalyptic pirate’s life with Captain Daly awaits.

We have a last minute opportunity before the airlines and airports of the world shut down. This is not for the faint of heart, but if you want to put it on the line and get out of dodge, lets chat, click the bio link and let’s chat,” reads the post on the Indies Trader Instagram.

In all seriousness, I almost left for the airport the minute I saw this. Having a wife and a kid can be such a burden when trying to enjoy the spoils of a global pandemic. 

Daly and company offer no further information about where you’d be going, how long you’d be gone for, or what hemisphere the boat is even in right now.

The last reports we got from Daly’s team was that he’d been sailing down around Melanesia and had, true to form, uncovered some gems. But that was a few weeks ago, and the good captain could pretty much be anywhere right now. 

Things in the developed world are going to get worse before they get better, that’s for sure. The safest place to be (presuming nobody onboard is a carrier) is floating in the middle of the Pacific, completely detached from the outside world.

Is there anybody more suited to ride this thing out? 

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